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Prada Logo Jacquard Handbag

The popular Prada Jacquard Handbag is fashionable designer's handbag and is made of soft canvas. The handbag is enhanced with brown leather patch detail. The Prada Jacquard Handbag has a zip-top closure and a jacquard logo with white top-stitching. This Prada handbag costs $299 USD .


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Prada Handbag

This elegant Prada handbag is made from leather material with metallic logo in front and inside of the bag. This handbag is from their 2013 Spring - Summer collection. This bag comes in Peony, Light Blue and Cobalt colors, with an adjustable shoulder strap. This bag costs about $410.00.

Prada Wallets

Prada Handbag - BR4257

The Prada handbag makes a woman feels powerful and sexy. Some other designer's handbags displays their logos too much or almost covered with their brand. But this designer's handbag looks simple yet luxurious. With it's finest leather to their long-lasting hardware makes this prada woman's handbags stand out among the rest.