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Prada Handbag

Prada Handbag 2013
This elegant Prada handbag is made from leather material with metallic logo in front and inside of the bag. This handbag is from their 2013 Spring - Summer collection. This bag comes in Peony, Light Blue and Cobalt colors, with an adjustable shoulder strap. This bag costs about $410.00.
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Prada Wallets

Prada has gone a long way in providing classic Italian leather goods way back in 1913.  Who would ever imagine, from steamer trunks and handbags, it has accommodated a line of men and women’s bags, clothing and shoes, eyewear and accessories.  By the year 1990, it has been one of the brands that placed a mark on needing it instead of wanting it and one of the sought after Prada accessories was the wallet.

A Prada wallet is one of the must-have, if you are looking for elegance, style and durability.  One can be very picky in determining what kind of case they want to keep their cash, coins, credit cards and other identification documents.  It is no mistake when this brand is what you own since it has established itself as a status symbol and defines class that meets a person’s everyday needs.  

There are numerous styles one can choose from, yet it leaves one a guarantee that the style is polished and extraordinary.  Especially for the women’s wallets, it makes you want to purchase everything!  Trick is one charming style that can be suitable for young adults.  It is made of leather, surrounded with gold metal available in different colors such as fuchsia, black and violet.  The Saffiano leather wallet is one classic style than provides ample space for bills and cards, the gold embossed logo makes it look in vogue. There are various styles to choose from ziparound, long and small with snap closure, tri-fold. The  brand ensured that availability of men’s wallet styles is not also limited. Choices are one billfold compartment, soft leather interior and Prada logo stitched in front with two large billfold compartments, bi-fold with credit card slots, rich crosshatched saffiano leather with one bill slot and credit card slots.  Several cut for both men and women’s wallets but one thing is common,  you have to look out for the authentic Prada logo in front.

When you have the chance to shop for distinctive taste, Prada is one brand you can rely on.  It is definitely not limited to one taste but states a fashionable and luxurious character to the one owning a Prada wallet.
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Prada Saffiano Wallet

The Prada Saffiano wallet is a perfect accessory and yet functional that comes along with your everyday fashion. This trendy wallet comes in different color which you can choose from. It can hold up several credit cards and also has a couple of compartments which you can keep your bill in full length. This compartment will make it easy for you to pull out your bill and also won’t make your elegant wallet look fat with all the cash you have. Not to mention, the leather finish is really soft and fine. As always, the classy logo is added at the front flap of the wallet.

Prada Soffiano Wallet
The Saffiano wallet absolutely matches your favourite designer’s handbags. It defines your fashion more. It would look a little bit ridiculous if you are using a cheap wallet together with Prada purse, right? For decades, Prada hands over high-class leather products for men and women. It signifies classiness in your society.

It is also an ideal gift to someone special. Just make sure to check the authenticity and the credibility of the merchant where you are planning to buying it from. If you love to show off your style or wanted to give someone you love, this is the perfect accessory.
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Prada Backpack

Prada backpack BZ0001

Prada Backpack BZ0001

The Prada Backpack is one of the most popular bags for all ages. This backpack or knapsack is the best choice for everyday use especially when travelling or going to school with style. Unlike handbags, comfort is one reason why people likes to use backpacks. Comfort and style is one reason why a lot of people likes to get one.

The Prada Backpack BZ0001 has an elegant design that is made of Vela nylon. It has two exterior pouches which you can put small things in it for easier access. It also has an exterior magnetic button closure with a Prada Logo on it. The space inside is good enough to put more things.

So whether you’re going to spend holiday or go to school, this is the right choice that will surely give you comfort ability and not to mention, style.
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Prada Handbag - BR4257

prada handbags | br4257

The Prada handbag makes a woman feels powerful and sexy. Some other designer's handbags displays their logos too much or almost covered with their brand. But this designer's handbag looks simple yet luxurious. With it's finest leather to their long-lasting hardware makes this prada woman's handbags stand out among the rest.
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Prada Vitello Daino Tote Bag

Latest Prada Handbags

Prada Vitello DainoThis latest Prada Vitello Daino Tote brown leather bag comes from their fall/winter collection. The metallic parts are gold-toned to add more elegance and luxury. The bag has a detachable shoulder strap that you can use for comfort ability. The magnetic snap closure adds easy access on your bag and an internal pocket is added so you can segregate your things. This Prada bag is so perfect for everyday casual use.
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Prada Handbags Soft Calf Tote Bag

Latest Prada Handbags | Soft Calf Tote Bag

Prada Handbags

The Prada Handbag Soft Calf Tote Bag comes from their Fall – Winter 2008/2009 collection. One of my favorite purses from their Prada collection. This fashionable handbag comes with an adjustable single shoulder belt and connected with a shiny silver tone metal link unto the bag. This bag is perfect for anytime of the day use. The bag itself will give you a glamorous look. It is also spacious and you can put almost anything inside.
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Prada Handbag - Bowler Handbags

Latest Prada Handbags | Bowler Handbags

Prada Bowler Handbags

The Prada Bowler Handbag has an antiqued and a little bit shinny finish with two bag handles. For those people who loves antique looks, this is bag is perfect for you.
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Prada Handbags - Royal Calf Easy

Latest Prada Handbags | Royal Calf Easy

This Brown Prada Royal Calf Easy is a leather handbag with silver metal hardware. It's feature includes a snap closure with a push button closure and a Prada logo. It also has an interior zip pocket. This handbag has an adjustable strap with silver buckle. You can adjust the strap up to three levels. An ID Tag is included when you buy this bag. The bag is 7 inches tall, 3 inches in width and 10 inches in length.
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Prada Handbags Fall Winter 2009

Latest Prada Handbags | Fall Winter 2009

 This Bronze Prada Leather Handbag comes from the collection Fall - Winter 2009. This Designers Handbags has a zipper closure, interior zip pocket, and a Prada Signature Logo on front and a silver metal hardware. This Handbag also comes with an ID tag. This handbag is really a fashionable handbag and its size is 11 inches tall, 4 inches width and 13 inches long.
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Prada Leather Shoulder Bag - Camel

Latest Prada Handbags | Leather Shoulder Bag

The Prada Leather Shoulder Bag has an adjustable straps with silver buckles. This camel colored Prada Handbag is made out of soft calfskin with a white tonal top-stitching. It also has it's Signature Prada logo located on the side. A lovely bag that you can use any time of the day.
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How to Clean a Nylon Prada Handbag

There are a lot of ways to clean your Nylon Prada Handbag. But first, we need to determine what stain your handbag have.  Usually you would go for an expensive solution or solvent to clean your expensive nylon handbag but there are some home solutions you could use to clean your Prada Handbag. Note: Please read the instruction on your handbag before you proceed. To clean a dirt stain, juice or water stain, you could use a soft damp cloth and gently rub it. If the stain are caused by food sauces, immediately remove the sauce with a damp cloth or baby wipes. Now, when you get a hold of a mild detergent like Woolite, gently wipe it several times. Let it dry.
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Prada Daino Life Leather Handbag

Latest Prada Handbags | Daino Life Leather Handbag

The Prada Daino Life Leather Handbag is a favorite designers handbag even celebrities want them. It features an adjustable side-straps with silver buckle detail and a detachable key ring. What I like more about this Prada handbag is the double main compartment with an extra slot in the divider with a zipper closure. This handbag also has a Prada jacquard lining, a front PRADA logo and two exterior pockets with buckle closures located on its side. When you purchase this Prada Daino Life Leather Handbag it includes a Prada card of authenticity and a dust bag. This handbag is made out of textured calfskin leather.
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Prada Tessuto Split Pocket Shoppers Tote

Prada Tessuto Split Pocket Shoppers Tote is a lovely desingers handbag that is made of black tessuto and a fine textured nylon material. This fashionable handbag is enhanced with it's stylish and famous PRADA logo. The Prada logo is made out of triangular metal plate. This Prada handbag also has a black leather patch detail
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Prada Logo Jacquard Messenger Bag

Prada Logo Jacquard Messenger Bag

This Latest Prada Logo Jacquard Messenger Bag is a designer's handbag and has a large rounded white patch on the bottom side of the handbag and that it is made of leather. The stylish messenger bag has a white leather single strap with a silver tone metal link. This lovely bag also has a zip closure. This fashionable handbag has a large logo on the front and back that would surely flash your new Prada bag. The bag's material is made of soft white canvas. Comes with a leather ID Tag. A purse that is perfect for day time use.


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